Lauren Roberts


Specializes in Sober Living Program Development & Training

Lauren is a person in long-term recovery with a heart for the recovering person and the services providers who support them. Her passion is to build programs that provide the best grounds for growth to the staff and their clients. Lauren’s personal and professional experience is in the implementation, training, and design of recovery residence programs. She has served men, women, and adolescents in these programs. During her professional career, Lauren has developed sober living programs, cultivated team-oriented atmospheres for staff, and created individualized support for clients. Developing these aspects within a company will enhance the quality of treatment for the client affected by substance use disorder and help their staff become leaders with the tools to serve their populations well.

Lauren is currently pursuing a degree as a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor and a degree in Business Entrepreneurship. Lauren has worked with notable companies in the recovery support field serving individuals in need and building her capabilities and experience.