Other Recovery & Wellness Providers

Other Recovery & Wellness Providers

No matter how you support people in recovery, Recovery Spectrum is here to support you! Recovery from addiction or mental health issues is a holistic process that is most effective when approached from all dimensions. Whether you are a recovery community organization, trainer, massage therapist, yoga instructor, dietician, or any other recovery or wellness provider,

Recovery Spectrum can help you succeed in your business venture. Our consultants and trainers are here to develop top-notch business plans, pro forma, curricula, programs, and other services so that you can serve your clients best with the least amount of worry and headaches for you.

Business & Marketing Services

Business & Marketing Services

If you are already an established recovery or wellness provider, or you simply need specific and targeted services to support your business, Recovery Spectrum has the solution. Our experts provide all the supportive products and services you need to build your organization into a top performer. Whether you need to develop a unique logo, a website that shines, or visually stunning print materials, our portfolio of products and services will help you improve your outreach, build your brand, and help you save and change more lives. Our programs and services can be bundled together or purchased a la carte including:

  • Business evaluations & audits
  • Pro forma and business plan development
  • Website development or redesign
  • Unique and original logos
  • Form development & personalization/branding
  • Videography & audio recording services
  • Accounting & bookkeeping setup
  • Beautiful & effective marketing materials

And much more!

Staff Training & Client Programs

Staff Training & Client Programs


We know you have a passion to help those seeking recovery and learning new skills is essential to personal and professional growth. The behavioral health field is constantly evolving, and Recovery Spectrum’s trainers are at the forefront of offering the latest training and staff development from top subject matter experts.

Our training courses include:

  • Recovery Residence Best Practices
  • House Manager Best Practices
  • Recovery Coach DSHS Training
  • Recovery Coaching Nuts & Bolts Training
  • QuickBooks Training
  • Profit First Training
  • Risk Management Training
  • Naloxone & Overdose Prevention
  • Safe Zone LGBTQ Training
  • Mental Health First Aid (Adult)
  • Certified Medication Assisted Treatment
    Advocate (CMA) Training
  • The GO Plan Marketing Training
  • Spectrum Alumni Program Training
  • The Emmaus Journey Training
  • Medication Assisted Recovery Training


If you are looking for the latest in innovative programs, our thought leaders have developed programs and curricula that you can incorporate into your organization and practice that are evidence-based and get the results your clients are looking for.

Our programs include:

  • Spectrum Recovery Residence Program
  • Spectrum Recovery Coaching Program
  • The GO Plan Marketing Program
  • Spectrum Alumni Program
  • Spectrum Family Program
  • IOP Policies & Procedures
  • The Emmaus Journey Program

Intensive Outpatient Programs

Intensive Outpatient Programs – IOP/SOP/PHP

Intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization programs are on the rise, with insurance companies willing to devote more resources and days to IOP/PHP programs than to traditional, and much more costly, inpatient residential treatment programs. Additionally, outpatient programs have a much lower barrier to entry in the form of start-up costs. If you are considering launching an IOP, PHP, or SOP organization, you need the knowledge, expertise, and experience that Recovery Spectrum offers!

Our team of professionals has helped a wide variety of businesses launch successful, prospering programs. By building your critical business framework and systems coupled with evidence-based clinical modalities and unique programming and curricula, Recovery Spectrum can partner with you to help your clients build the skills they need to discover amazing lives.

Our packages include:

  • Complete, State-compliant policies and procedures
  • All necessary client and employee forms
  • Amazing and dynamic websites for your business
  • Marketing materials and plans that build your census
  • Scheduling and health records software recommendations and setup
  • Insurance panel application completion
  • State-compliance mock surveys
  • Alumni and family programs
  • Outcome Measurements
  • Joint Commission and CARF Accreditation Packages (COMING SOON!)

And much, much more!

Sober Living Programs

Sober Living Programs

Starting and operating a sober living home is so much more than adding beds to a house, opening the doors, and hoping for the best. Providing a safe, comfortable, family environment with vetted policies, procedures, and programs is the key to both your success as a provider and your residents’ ability to engage and sustain successful recovery and to live productive, happy, and fulfilled lives.

Designed by experts in the field with over 25 years of combined experience owning and managing sober residences, Recovery Spectrum offers an outstanding and complete recovery residence package with everything you need to open one or more homes in near turn-key fashion.

Our Spectrum Recovery Residence programs include everything you need from A to Z including:

  • Spectrum Sober Living Operations & Training Manual
  • Provider & Staff Best Practices Training
  • Applicant Pre-screens
  • Resident Applications
  • Resident Contracts
  • Program Rules
  • Graduated Resident Phase Plan
  • Success Plans
  • Recovery Coaching Program
  • Outcome Measurements

And much, much more!

Private & Group Practices

Private & Group Practices

As clinicians, you’ve spent countless hours learning how to be the best therapist you can be.  You’ve worked hard learning the most effective techniques and have the top certifications to help your clients live amazing lives – the problem is that they don’t teach you the “business” side of therapy in school. If the thought of setting up and running your private or group practice has you filled with confusion and dread, Recovery Spectrum is here to help!

Our experts have decades of experience owning and operating very successful practices, large and small. Our business coaching can help you bridge the gap between providing the best in client care while learning to build a practice that not only survives but thrives!

Partner with us to:

  • Determine the best structure for your practice
  • Build your business plan and pro forma
  • Provide all necessary client forms
  • Build an amazing and dynamic website
  • Develop marketing materials that work
  • Design your office space
  • Determine the best scheduling and health records software
  • Build time management skills
  • Determine whether insurance is right for you
  • Learn to Track Outcome Measurements

And much, much more!

Cheryl Rayl

Cheryl Rayl, LPC-S, MAC


Specializes in Clinical & Program Development

Cheryl Rayl, LPC-S, MAC is the owner of Grace Counseling Center, a full-service intensive outpatient program, with two locations in Lewisville and Ft. Worth, Texas. She has been in the behavioral health field for over 25 years and has experience working with clients from struggling adolescents to the elderly. Cheryl is professionally trained to treat individuals suffering from debilitating mental health disorders while also providing care to those battling the disease of addiction. Cheryl has counseled clients in various settings, treating individuals, couples and families, and facilitating a myriad of group therapy sessions focused on numerous psychological issues. She also meets the qualifications for Substance Abuse Professionals according to DOT regulations and is an approved evaluator for the Professional Recovery Network.

Cheryl has a passion for helping others, and this passion carries over into her role as a consultant for behavioral health providers. She is dedicated to helping new businesses become successful in their endeavors and has helped launch numerous businesses across the U.S. Cheryl guides these trailblazing professionals down their own unique paths, enabling them to find their niche and develop the skills needed to help transform minds and heal hearts. Cheryl supervises the Licensed Professional Counselor Interns and oversees the care provided by all staff at Grace Counseling Center.

Awstin Gregg

Awstin Gregg, LCSW, LCDC, MBA


Specializes in Business Analysis & Strategy

Awstin specializes in strategic analyses, which combines financial analysis, business strategy, marketing strategy, and overall operational services to provide consumers with dynamic strategies to meet their business goals. He creates individualized pro forma analyses that highlight opportunities for improvement and opportunities for strategic development.

Awstin has experience accrediting entities with Joint Commission under both the hospital and behavioral health manuals. He has assisted entities with State action plans and has experience with CMS accreditation standards. Awstin also has considerable experience in grant writing, with his most recent grant being awarding a $10,000,000, 5-year contract by the state of Oklahoma to a substance abuse treatment facility in Texas.

Awstin holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from UNT, a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Texas A&M - Commerce, a second Master’s Degree in Business Administration from TWU, and a third Master’s Degree in Health Systems from TWU. Awstin is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC).

Jillian Verdun

Jillian Verdun


Specializes in Accounting & Business Structure

Jillian Verdun is committed to meeting and exceeding the needs of each one of her clients.  She personally engages in the details of every client interaction and delivers quality service and professionalism each step of the way.

Jillian understands the overwhelming stress that money and numbers can cause her clients.  This is why she is so passionate about making her clients feel comfortable and confident in learning and implementing their money management strategies.

Since the inception of JMV Financial Services in 2007, Jillian has been consistently earning the trust of her clients through her personal touch, charisma and strong work ethic. Repeat business and referrals have been the backbone of her business’ continued growth and success.

In addition to her personal flair for finance, Jillian also has extensive background and expertise in bookkeeping, tax preparation, Profit First, QuickBooks, as well as a wide array of specific financial services to assist s-corporations, non-profits and start-up businesses alike. Jillian holds a degree in Accounting and Computer Information Systems from the University of Louisiana at Monroe, and she has also earned her master’s degree in Accounting from the University of Phoenix.

Jillian is a member of Motivational Speakers Worldwide and Speaker Co-Op, where she serves as a featured finance presenter with each organization. She is also involved with professional associations such as the American Business Women’s Association (ABWA) and Ewomen Network, to name just a few.